The Whelan lab, in collaboration with Dr. Michael Surette and Dr. Hooman Derakhshani, has received funding to build upon an established collaboration between our research groups between the UK and Canada. Dr. Surette (McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario) and Dr. Derakhshani (University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba) will both be travelling to the UK in the new year in order to bring their expertise on microbial culture enrichment, antimicrobial resistance, and hybrid DNA sequencing assembly to Nottingham (and surrounding) academic community. Dr. Derakhshani and I will also be visiting the Surette lab to work with Dr. Surette to generate some preliminary data for an upcoming grant application.

Drs. Derakhshani and Surette will be giving seminars in Nottingham in the new year, which will be announced internally as well as on our lab’s website.