A huge congratulations to Arooj on an absolutely amazing MSc defense. Arooj defended her MSc thesis, entitled “Loss of functional pmrA as a pathoadaptation in the Shigella spp.”, on 24 August 2022 remotely over zoom. Arooj really set the standard for the Whelan lab in how to conduct themselves during a defense; she remained calm, answered questions really thoroughly and asked for clarification when it was needed. Arooj has received her MSc via the Canadian system where a 2-year, research-intensive MSc is the norm.

Due to the remote nature of the defense, the lab wasn’t able to congratulate Arooj in person at the time. However, as-it-happened, I was able to congratulate Arooj in person a few weeks ago when we both found ourselves in Toronto where the lab was able to gift to her a lab mug with one of her brilliant Figures adorning the side.

Congratulations, Arooj!