Congratulations to Alexis who won her category - Medical Microbiology - at the recent NSURP 2021 Presentations. Alexis’s presentation was entitled “Application of the Competitive Lottery-Based Theory to the Cystic Fibrosis Microbiome”.

This presentation follows a really enjoyable summer having Alexis in the Whelan lab. Alexis joined us virtually from Maryland where she quickly learned the ropes of R and phyloseq to study a dataset of 16S rRNA gene sequencing data collected from people with cystic fibrosis. Alexis’s project focussed on identifying potential competition and cooperation within particular niches in the lung microbiota, and her work this summer generated some really interesting data that the lab is excited to follow up on soon. Alexis spoke with such passion during her presentation and linked her results back to her long-term ambition of helping individuals with cystic fibrosis.

We would like to thank NSURP for making this project possible. It is only through the tireless dedication to this Project by it’s founders that Alexis was able to join the lab this summer. Alexis’s presentation will be available on NSURP’s website.