At our last meeting, we realized that we missed our 5-year anniversary as McMaster’s Human microbiome journal club. Although disappointed that we didn’t make it an excuse to throw a party and eat cupcakes, this landmark anniversary really speaks to the community of trainees and academics that we have here at McMaster who are dedicated to presenting the most recent findings and (sometimes) struggle through some complex mathematics all for the sake of further understanding the ins and outs of their field.

This anniversary comes just a few months after Dr. Jennifer Stearns, the founder of our humble JC, started her own research group in the Farncombe Institute at McMaster, and was awarded the Farncombe Chair in Microbial Ecology and Bioinformatics. Jen’s group, focussing on the microbial development that accompanies infants as they become children, will of continue to expand the amount and types of microbiome research that is being conducted within the Farncombe and across McMaster University in general.

We start this new year with hopes to continue our critical evaluation of the human microbiome literature as we incorporate new trainees and laboratories into our ranks!